Our passion and our specialty are making the complex world of agriculture easy to understand.

We write about all things farming for farmers and non-farmers alike, as  award-winning freelance journalist, corporate writer, and communications project manager.

We have expertise in agricultural technology, research and innovation; livestock, crop, fruit and vegetable production; and global issues including climate crisis, food waste, and sustainability.

What do we do?

*Journalism: Well-researched, informative and accurately written freelance articles and images for print and online publications

*Communications and public relations: writing and editing news releases, articles, profiles, case studies, success stories, brochures, blog posts, social media content, websites, annual reports, special publications, technical documents, marketing materials; also news release distribution and agricultural public and media relations

*Special projects management: strategy, planning, budgeting, implementation, execution – on time and on budget

*Events (conferences, meetings, tours, etc): budgeting, planning, organizing, management, execution and post-event follow up, as well as all the details in between

What will it cost?

You’ll notice there aren’t any prices posted here. That’s because every project is different and every client has unique needs and budgets. We can tell you, however, the rates are within standard industry ranges – and we are happy to provide a quote for your project.

How do I learn more?

Get in touch to learn how we can meet your ag, agtech and aginnovation communications needs – special project, short term assignment, longer term contract or anything in between!